Thriving in life comes with a sense of wellbeing. We provide up-beat, engaging workshops, courses and related services that promote wellbeing, motivate people to adopt healthy lifestyles and teach people how to live mindfully. Making good decisions is the natural result, leading to success however you define it. For course and workshop details go here, or contact us to book your organisation’s free Mindfulness or Beating Stress session now. Join Our Thriving Community here.

Our Services

Workshops, courses and other activities include:

Mindfulness at Work
Yoga at Work
Meditation at Work
Mindfulness for Schools
Yoga for Schools
Yoga for Early Childhood
Workplace Wellbeing
Pilates at Work
Tai Chi at Work
Stopping Smoking
Mindfulness for IVF
Stress Management

Our Philosophy

Tailoring sessions to your needs, we deliver:

Evidence-based Content
Comprehensive Needs Assessments
Excellent Presentation Skills
Practical Exercises
Strategies for Motivation
Accessible and Engaging Sessions
Impact Evaluations
Expertise and Experience
Behaviour Change Techniques
Ongoing Support
Fun Experiences
An Endless Supply of Enthusiasm

Mindfulness Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques for Wellbeing.
For you and your organisation. 

Thrive Services for Wellbeing provides a range of holistic wellbeing services to help people and organisations thrive. Our workshops, courses, webinars, classes and programs cover many different activities and topics but all are grounded in evidence-based practices that help people become more mindful.

Our approach is concerned first and foremost with helping people develop the right mindset for wellbeing and success. It is becoming better understood as the research base grows that developing healthy mental habits and becoming more mindful can greatly assist us all achieve wellbeing and success across countless settings.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness has been defined as awareness that is characterised by paying full attention to the present moment, on purpose and without judgment. When being mindful you have purposeful self-awareness and are consciously aware of all the feelings and thoughts that arise in your body and mind. It can be practiced in a formal way, for example, as mindfulness meditation, yoga or Tai Chi, and it can be practiced informally, for example, taking a mindful walk with the dog, or purposely doing the dishes or taking a shower mindfully.

What are the benefits of mindfulness?

One of the main outcomes of practicing mindfulness techniques such as mindfulness meditation or yoga over time is a greater feeling of wellbeing. It therefore is not surprising that regularly practicing mindfulness techniques can have an immense impact on your overall quality of life. Mindfulness can also positively impact one’s work-life, ability to learn and education outcomes, and can also prevent illness and assist in the management of many health problems. Here are some of the benefits of becoming more mindful.
Success at work and beyond
Improved health and wellbeing
Mindfulness and learning
Mindfulness leads to a healthier lifestyle
Mindfulness can lower stress levels
Improved work-life balance
Occupational Health and Safety

Thrive Services for Wellbeing… the answer for your organisation

For wellbeing and mindfulness Melbourne-based Thrive Services for Wellbeing are the clear choice for workplaces, in education and beyond. Our people are experienced professionals who practice what they preach. We facilitate the development of a mindful approach to wellbeing and where possible we do this with humour and lightheartedness. This fosters self-awareness and awareness of the environment, and most importantly enjoyment along the way. When we become more mindful, healthy habits are the result and success naturally follows.

Our unique blend of biomedical and holistic training and experience helps us provide quality wellbeing programs that cover all areas of workplace wellbeing with a particular focus on mindfulness so that increased productivity is also achievable.

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We look forward to working with you.

The Thrive Team