Giving back

Mindfulness activities

At Thrive we believe that everyone has a right to wellbeing and peace of mind. Wherever possible, we will donate mindfulness workshops or courses or yoga sessions to community groups and organisations that can’t afford them. If this is your organisation please contact us to see how we can help.

Stand Up

We are delighted that Thrive currently has the opportunity to regularly volunteer our time to work with Stand Up, a not for profit social justice organisation, that works to empower and support disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in Australia.

Over the last seven years Stand Up’s Sudanese Women’s Group has succeeded in creating understanding and acceptance across cultures. This program has grown to include 40 refugee women from Darfur and the Nuba Mountains, and their children, who are among Victoria’s most vulnerable and socially isolated people.

Supporting their teens and little ones by teaching yoga (below) and doing regular meditation sessions with the women is a wonderful way that Thrive can help the some of the most vulnerable people in our community develop more peace of mind.

To Apply

To apply for a mindfulness workshop, course or yoga sessions for your organisation email Provide a description of your organisation (including web address where applicable) and outline who the training is for, and why you are interested in mindfulness. Please also include proposed dates and times.


A heart felt thank you

The number of people who have contributed to making Thrive Services for Wellbeing a reality are too many to list here. We would like to extend our warm thanks to all of you. From our amazing team, to people providing invaluable advice, expertise and time behind the scenes (especially with filming!) , suggesting content, referring our services – the list goes on. A special thanks to Tai Snaith for the beautiful artwork on this site. You are all the backbone of this community and the single most important reason why we are thriving. Thank you!