Our values

We are 100% driven by our values - so here they are:
Mindfulness at work


Community is super important to us. Looking after one another is critical for wellbeing and belonging. This extends to our team, clients, partners and the wider community. Freinds and family are number one - always. It takes a village - not just to raise a child, but to thrive is all areas of life, including business.

Mindfulness for children


We believe that wellness in not just the absence of illness but is defined by enjoying this one life. Even when dealing with some pretty serious stuff, most of the time you can make it fun. Hard work and providing an excellent service are super important but never at the expense of enjoying what you do.

Mindfulness Courses


Honesty, reliability and excellence underpin all that we do. And we come from an altruistic place in all that we do. We practice what we preach and we take providing evidence-based information very seriously, but acknowledge that this approach is not completely fool proof. Still, we do our very best with what we've got.