Our People

Susie Hopkins

Susie Hopkins founded Thrive to share how mindfulness can help people and organisations be at their best. She is an RN, has a Masters in Public Health and has worked in health and wellbeing for over 20 years. She has studied yoga for even longer and is a trained yoga and mindfulness teacher. She has received the Five Mindfulness Trainings from Thich Nhat Hanh and has studied Action and Commitment Therapy. She has also completed Mindful Educator Essentials with the Mindful Schools Program, which has informed the Thrive Education Program. Susie also teaches yoga at Waverley Yoga Studio. More info.

Dr Adi Brown

Dr Adi Brown is a Clinical Psychologist who practices here in Melbourne. Adi has taught mindfulness in a variety of different settings including the corporate sector, to colleagues and to the public, and she uses mindfulness-based therapy with her clients. She is committed to a personal practice that has evolved from experiences within a variety of disciplines including yoga, meditation and the study of Tibetan Buddhism. She is also the founder of Mindful Beginnings birthing courses here in Melbourne which empower women to get the most out of their birthing experience through using mindfulness.

Nicole Moore

Nicole Moore is a mindfulness facilitator (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and pain management physiotherapist at The Royal Melbourne Hospital with a Masters in Public Health. Since commencing her own practice in 2004, Nicole has undergone intensive training in Australia, England, India, and Sri Lanka. Nicole is dedicated to exploring the science and experience of the body-mind connection, instigated through her 20 year relationship with the system of yoga and professional background in neurology. Of particular interest is the interface between pain and suffering and the arising potential for insight and growth.

Manny Pasqualini

Manny Pasqualini has been studying and practising Wu style Tai Chi Ch’uan for more than twenty years and he specialises in creating balance and wellbeing amidst our busy modern lives through teaching a combination of Tai Chi, Chi Kung (Qigong) and other Taoist mindfulness techniques. He offers collective workshops in these areas as well as individual personal training programmes that work to harmonise our internal systems, stimulate, focus and calm the mind and spirit, and achieve internal strength and physical fitness. Manny is currently undertaking further study in Shiatsu and traditional Chinese medicine to compliment his existing practice.

Neasa Sweeney

Neasa Sweeney has more than 30 years’ experience working in the health and wellbeing field. She is a Registered Nurse, has a Diploma of Counselling, a Diploma of Remedial Massage, and a Diploma of Shiatsu and Macrobiotics, a system of nutrition that emphasises food quality and its powerful effect on health, well-being, and happiness and advocates a traditional, locally based, unprocessed diet. Neasa is particularly interested in emotional wellbeing. Her experience has led her believe that stress management and nutrition are fundamental and that a mindful approach to both is invaluable. This is the focus of Neasa’s work in the corporate sector and for Thrive.

Zoe Woodford

Zoe Woodford is a Pilates and fitness ainstructor and a purveyor of balanced, mindful and active living. Zoe offers instruction for clients of all fitness levels – including development and management of fitness programs, health and fitness goal setting, and mat and reformer Pilates classes. With extensive Pilates and fitness training at Breathe Education in Melbourne, her style is fun and relaxed, with a focus on motivating clients to reach beyond their comfort levels at an encouraging and rewarding pace. Having worked in the corporate and education sectors, Zoe is experienced in building relationships with a wide range of people and can tailor programs accordingly.